What is Blended Learning?
1. Blended learning combines online with face-to-face learning. The goal of blended learning is to provide the most efficient and effective instruction experience by combining delivery modalities.
2. "The term blended learning is used to describe a solution that combines several different delivery methods, such as collaboration software, Web-based courses, and knowledge management practices. Blended learning also is used to describe learning that mixes various event-based activities, including face-to-face classrooms, live e-learning, and self-paced instruction." By Purnima Valiathan
Blended Learning Models
Why use Blended Learning?
1. "Students not only learned more when online sessions were added to traditional courses, but student interaction and satisfaction improved as well." DeLacey and Leonard, Harvard Business School, 2002
2. "Providing several linked options for learners, in addition to classroom training, increased what they learned." Peter Dean (this is quoted everywhere but I haven't found the study although, experientially this is the case.)
3. Speedier performance was detected on real world tasks by those who learned through blended strategies as opposed to those that learned via e-learning along. Thomson & NETg, 2003.
4. "Adults don't just "learn" in one way. Likewise, associations should not make the mistake of providing just one way for adult learners to receive their educational content." by Judith Smith

How does one design Blended Learning?
1. To design blended training, the instructional designers start by analyzing the training or course objectives and breaking them down into the smallest possible pedagogically (for children) or andragogically (for adults) appropriate chunks (learning object).

2. After the course or training has been chunked, the best approach to deliver each segment of instruction (learning object) is identified. In some cases the best approach might be using online learning but in others it might be live instruction.
3. The course is then aggregated by grouping the instruction logically while taking into account the medium of delivery. In this way, one may require a few lessons online and some others live, for example.

Strateries for Teaching Blended Learning Courses
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