Blogs and Wikis and Websites, Oh My!
Gone are the days of primarily communicating via printed media, which is out of date by the time the ink is dry. Parents want instant access to information that impacts their child's education. In this session participants will examine the essential elements of a school/classroom webpage and take a look at some exemplary school/classroom webpages. Participants will develop goals and objectives for their own classroom webpage and create a blog, wiki or webpage.

Activity One: Essential Elements of a School/Classroom Webpage

Does your website "deliver the goods"? Are you providing the information needed by parents to help their children succeed academically?

While there are a variety of tools available for website creation, there are standards that are common to all great school/classroom websites. With a partner take a look at some of the following websites, blogs or wikis. Make a list of what you like or do not like. Start yourself a list of design elements that you would like to incorporate into your website, blog or wiki. What will be the purpose of your website? What do you hope to accomplish by developing this website?

Activity Two: Blog or Wiki or Website?
Now that you have had a chance to look at some blogs, wikis and websites which would you like to develop? Let's take a look at some options.

Activity Three: Let the Creation Process Begin
Choose a platform to use to create your own website, blog or wiki. Practice using good design elements as you create your website. Think about your objectives and incorporate them into your website.
Google Site Tutorial
Weebly Training Videos
Wikispaces Tutorial
Edublogs Userguides
Google Sites

Activity Four: Adding Eye Catching Elements and Widgets to Your Website
Cool Tools