Cross Curricular Writing

Writing Across the Curriculum
What’s all the fuss these days about writing across the curriculum? Don’t students write enough in Language Arts? Well, in a word: no. At least not enough to meet the demands of the current work world. With the proliferation of e-mail, desktop publishing, and the Internet, writing is now more important than ever. We’ve realized that we can no longer make distinctions between “writers” and “non-writers.” Every student must be able to write—in every subject.

Tips for Teaching Writing in the Content Area
  • Go Deep with DOK
  • Pre-teach Vocabulary
  • Use Graphic Organizers
  • Put the Words on the Wall
  • Assign daily writings (tweets, posts, blog entries, exit slips, text messages,)
    • Using Today's Meet in 140 characters or less answer the following question from class today
  • Make it interesting
    • Use Fodey and write a short article about the role of Native Americans in the Revolutionary War
  • Create a class notes webpage using Padlet where everyone can contribute
  • Look for writing opportunities
    • Using Mixbook create a memory book for the children of the Holocaust.
  • Make it relevant
    • Create a Fakebook page for a character in The Great Gatsby
  • Ask for comments somewhere in your Moodle, Edmodo or class website!
  • Have somewhere for students to post questions anonymously
  • Post questions online somewhere
  • Use a forum
  • Model Writing
  • Give them somewhere to write
  • Ask questions that students are interested in answering
  • Use the writing process