Technology in Motion Professional Learning Groups and PLU Opportunities
Become a part of a professional learning community and polish up your leadership skills amongst a group of your peers. Share your creativity with others as you learn from fellow educators. Develop core values and visions for teaching and learning. Grow a supportive community for experimenting and sharing best practices. Professional learning groups will meet five times (teacher groups all day, administrators 1/2 day, 2 fall dates and 3 winter dates) and require a commitment on the part of members to attend all scheduled meetings and school visits. Additional group work will be completed online in a learning management system. Participating members of professional learning groups will be able to share with fellow faculty, techniques and teaching strategies that lead to…

  • decreased dropout rate and fewer classes "skipped"
  • lower rates of absenteeism
  • increased learning that is distributed more equitably
  • greater academic gains in math, science, history, and reading
  • smaller achievement gaps between students from different backgrounds

Region 10 Professional Learning Groups for 2013-2014

Technology Topics for 21st Century Administrators (ACLD Approved PLU)
Technology Topics for 21st Century Administrators is a hybrid professional learning group that provides both face-to-face and online content that supports educational leadership in our students’ technological world. Educational Administrators promote an environment of professional learning and innovation that empowers educators to enhance student learning through the infusion of contemporary technologies and digital resources. Encouraging teachers to use technology to meet curricular goals begins with knowing what tools and resources are available. Participants will attend four meetings offered by Technology in Motion (you choose which four to attend.) Technology in Motion Specialists will be offering meetings on a variety of topics that provide administrators with the technological leadership skills to lead today’s schools into the future. Group meeting topics...
  • Data Analysis and Synthesis: participants will examine critical thinking and problem solving with an emphasis on data collection and analysis as they explore a multitude of technology based data collection tools.
  • Tablets and Technology Tools for Administrators: participants will explore ways to become more productive as administrators using tablets, iPads and other technology tools. Administrators will explore apps for administrators as well as practice using tablets on walkthroughs and observations.
  • Productivity with Technology: Participants will explore cutting edge technology designed to increase productivity as an administrator. Group members will model the use of electronic and digital tools to manage administrative and classroom tasks.
  • Collaboration in the 21st Century: participants will take an in-depth look at collaboration with a focus on online tools. Group members will work together on a joint project involving the use of 21st century collaboration tools.
  • Enhancing and Maximizing a School’s Web Presence: A school’s web presence is a window into the day-to-day happenings of a school. Unfortunately many of our windows are closed and schools need to allow students, parents and community stakeholders a look into the many wonderful events that take place in our schools. Participants will use several Web 2.0 tools and experiment with web design elements.
  • Leading and Learning in a Blended Learning Environment: Participants will explore the features of blended learning and take a look as some blended learning examples. Group members will try out several learning management systems and look at bookmarking tools that allow teachers to save content online.

In addition to attending group meetings participants will meet online to complete technology explorations, digital readings and participate in discussion forums. Each administrator must complete an action plan for 4 face-to-face meeting topics.
This PLG/PLU will meet on the following days: November 22, December 10, January 24, February 14th, March 28th and April 11th. All meetings will be from 9:00-3:00. Participants must attend 4 meetings. For more information please call or email Elizabeth Sessions. All meetings are at the University of South Alabama UCOM building.

Media Center Specialist PLG
Join us for our 2013-2014 Media Specialist professional learning group. Let’s reach out and touch someone globally as we communicate and collaborate in the 21st century. Group members will be exploring authoring in other lands as we take some virtual field trips to far off lands and Skype with some media centers around the world. Join us as we think and write globally with our teachers and students and type, write, speak, blog, wiki, Skype, text, tweet and present around the world. Media center specialists will be meeting for five ½ day sessions and participants can choose the (8:00-11:00) or the (12:00-3:00) meeting time. Meeting dates will be October 25, November 15, January 17, February 21, and March 21.
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